Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Back in 2002, I went to South Africa as a student in the Shoreline Community College Study Abroad Program. I had a great time, but the time was to short. I was able to visit many historic places, see many cultural contrasts, and met some wonderful people. After that experience I wanted more, much more.

A few years later I signed up for the Peace Corps. I had the unique opportunity to go to Madagascar. I was there through 2005-2006. I was assigned to a small fishing village on the west coast. There I really got to know the people through the village, schools, customs, music, dances, foods, and not to be forgotten the local floral and fauna. I will always value the time I spent there and treasure the friends I've made for my life time.

Now as I get closer to retirement, I am looking for more challenges. I am looking into traveling again. This time I want to go south and Mexico came to mind. After reading Living Abroad in Mexico by Ken Luboff, he covered the dream, the plan, and what it takes to make it happen. I knew I was beginning a great new chapter in my life. After reading Traveler Costa Rica by National Geographic my plan started to come together as well as grow. I thought since I was to visit the Yucatán Peninsula I should also go to Costa Rica and then on to the Panama Canal. I have always wanted to see the Amazon River, so why not do that and then go on to Peru and Chile, Argentina, then even check out the Southern Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis as it is also known. After I will have traveled this far, I'm so close it would be unforgivable not to go the rest of the way to the Antarctica. To do this right it will take time to explore all the food, music, customs, people, local floral and fauna, and the rain forests that are disappearing so fast my great grand children may never know it first hand and may only know these places from my stories and photos.... I'm planing to take the time I need to enjoy every minute, every vista, all the food, people, sights, sounds, smells...

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