Friday, January 27, 2012

New Printer

I needed a new printer that would travel well with me. I found the Epson NX130 that seemed to meet my needs. It was on a special sale that made it look even more attractive to me. Word to the wise, don’t get it, not even if they are giving it away. It prints slow and has very small ink cartridges. Replacement cartridges are only available on-line for more than the price of the printer. 

I picked out a new one; Canon PIXMA MG3120. It was at a good price, but before getting it I checked the price and availability of replacement ink cartridges. They can be gotten in many places like Best Buy and Staples as well as on-line. The price is less than $40 for the complete set with a pack of photo print paper. I can even get the large capacity size. I’m still hoping that I can refill them, but that test will have to wait till I use up the ink I have.  

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