Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Journey Begins

I left on my journey early Sunday morning the 17th. First thing I saw just before putting my grand kids into the car was my little trailer was leaning too much to one side so some last minute repacking had to be done. Once I was able to rebalanced it, then we were off.
On our way to the first planed overnight stop my tail pipe came loose. Thankfully I brought some bailing wire with me. I was able to do a temporary fix at one of I5’s rest stops; once I came into a town of size I was able to get the proper strapping from O’Reilly’s Auto. I’m sure glad my 4Runner is far up off the ground, it made it easy to crawl up under it.
Spend two nights on the beach at Tillicum Camping Grounds. The beach was long and wide the kids loved exploring it and building a driftwood fort. We had typical Seattle weather cold, rainy and windy. The camp ground was clean and well maintained. We were so close to the beach we heard the waves loud and clear all night long.
My right rear wheel started leaking some oily stuff. I again crawled under it to look from where, but couldn’t tell. So once I got to Eugene (Oregon) I stopped at LES SCHWAB’s and had them check it out for me. It was my axle seal, so they are working on it now. It does pay to build good relations with them at home; you never know when you will need them on the road. This delay will put us in late to San Francisco, but better late than broken.

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