Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Time in Nicaragua

In this little piece of heaven that I have found here in San Juan del Sur; it turns out to be even better than Mexico City for meeting people from around the world. In the first five days, and I have been here I have already met people from Germany, France, Australia, French Canada, Holland, Florida, Belgium, and two from the states working in Costa Rica. Only time will tell what tomorrow will bring. One reason for my travels was so that I could meet people from different parts of the world; this is just over and above even what I had planned. Lucky me as I am living the good life...   

One thing I enjoy about this part of my travels is that I get to walk down the beach around the next point, to the beach restaurant where a lot of surfers hangout so I can access the internet. Along the way,  I look for any new seashells that I may be able to make into a necklace or earrings for my granddaughter. I enjoy the crabs that dart out of the way, the surfers in the water waiting for the next perfect wave, people that stroll down to the beach for a day’s outing. Sometimes I enjoy just the sound of the waves and watch the clouds as they dance across the sky; it is never the same twice and ever boring.  

Then there are days like Sunday. With San Juan packed with people, cars, chicken buses, surfers, and tourists; so many that the streets were clogged and cars that had to back up to let another car pass coming from the other way. After I returned from the city and brought in some of my groceries; a chicken bus loaded with some young well-built men poured out onto the beach and started playing American Football. It was immensely entertaining to watch this beach load of men, dressed only in their swimsuits run up and down, tackling each other, rolling around in the sand, running through the water, taking a quick ocean cool down dive into the waves… I might be 63 years old, but I am not dead yet, I still enjoy looking at healthy looking men…

The produce truck comes by here twice a week; this last time I bought two pineapples, six bananas, eight tomatoes, three onions, two avocado, five limes and one cucumber all for 100 C√≥rdoba’s or $4US. Buying local is always best at home, or when you travel.

Howler Monkeys this morning woke me at 4:30am or about dawn and went on for about an hour with their howling. It sound load and across between wolfs howling and a grizzly bear growling. They are the black cat sized monkeys that inhabit this beach area where I am staying. They sound as if there are hundreds of them, but you cannot see that many because of the extra foliage due to the rainy season. But the ones that I have seen are cute and just interested in eating the broad leaves on the trees here at Camping Matilda’s. They stay up in the trees and do not come down on the ground to go through the garbage or bother anyone. They are truly charming and cute.

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