Saturday, June 21, 2014

Snorkeling the Pacific Coast from Mexico to Chile

Over the past two years, I have traveled and snorkeled my way along the Pacific coast from Mexico to Chile. Frankly I have found only one spot worthy of the time and money to dive or snorkel and that was Coral Beach at Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo just northwest of Acapulco, Mexico. But if you have never snorkeled or scuba dive before than add the beach at Soggy Pesos in San Carlos north of Guaymas, Mexico. 

There have been some different spots that have been fun but far from special and overall the Pacific Coast has been disappointing. 

The major reason for this disappointment has been the lack of preservation and/or marine controls or laws from country to country. I was going to say the poorer countries are the worst offender, but in fact, we back in the United States, are for the most part just as bad. Everyone thinks that they can take all they want today and there will still be more it to take tomorrow. But I have seen firsthand that is not true. We must, worldwide, work on conservation and proper management of all of our resources. There is a limit to what we have and what we can use… 

The abuse that has been going on for hundreds of years now must come to an end; the world is at a precipice and it is our children and grandchildren that will pay the price for our greed today.
We as people of the world can and must work harder to conserve and protect or we will not have anything for tomorrow. This is a fact that can be seen throughout the world…

Please open your eyes and do something; do not just sit on your hands!!!!!!!

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