Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cenote Dos Ojos

Cenote Dos Ojos or “two eyes” is located a little over 9 miles north of Tulum on highway 307. This cenote was named Dos Ojos because it is actually two circular cenotes. This is a world famous cenote and there is a large cave system below where divers can explore almost 500 meters of the underwater world in the immediate area. IMAX filmed part of their film “Journey into Amazing Caves” here. 

There are areas for swimmers, snorkelers as well as scuba divers, be sure to bring or rent a strong underwater flashlight or you might be able to piggyback a long with a scuba or snorkeling group because it can get dark, spooky and a lot of fun. You will get to see some impressive formations you don’t get to see otherwise. 

The water crystal clear and was delightfully cold for me, I spent four hours snorkeling and was comfortable the entire time but others thought it was too cold. For those people you can rent a wetsuit. I recommend going to the first cenote first and then on to the second, the order is important once you go, you will see why that is true. 


This cenote was the most expensive one at M$150 so far, I recommend going to the Gran Cenote first at M$120 then to the Dos Ojos Cenote you will be even more impressed.

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