Saturday, October 13, 2012


 You need to take time and a deep breath; patience goes a long way in determining whether your experience will be an adventure or an ordeal. It’s all in the attitude. Please keep that in mind anytime you travel anywhere especially foreign countries. I’m having a great time and every place is different from the last. One thing has held true and that is the people and food has been outstanding.
Mazatlan is a mix between our old favorites like McDonalds, Burger King, Home Depot Office Depot just to name a few along with the Mexican flair and specialty shops. Beer of course is sold on every street corner. One thing that the Mexican food has over our old fast foods places is it is always fresh and made to order it is never reheated from frozen. I love it.
There is no mistake that this is a beach town with all the water sports you could possibly want from parasailing, kayaking, boogie boards, jet skiing, banana boats, catamarans, fishing, body surfing as well as spending your day in a hammock under a palapa on the beach. Mazatlan has eight different beaches and three small islands you can visit. It also has art galleries, film and theaters, concerts, opera and more. Surely you can find many things to your liking.
I found hotels from $290 pesos ($25US) and up. There again something for every budget. I stayed at a RV park on the beach for $150 pesos ($12US) a night tent camping. Many RVers return each season quite a few have decided to stay full time it sure seems to agree with everyone.
I noticed many new construction site and others undergoing remolding. One thing is for sure the face of Mazatlan is always changing. The mix of new and old is outstanding.
I enjoyed my short stay here. It is differently on my list to return to. 

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  1. Not sure if my last message was sent...are you still in San Pancho Carol or have you headed further south?