Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boca del Rio, Sinalora

I have been camping on the beach at a little fishing village, Boca del Rio for the last 3 weeks. They have electricity and cell phones but no internet. Sorry I didn’t kept up but…
I spent most of my time, when not in the water (not snorkeling because of the sandy beach) with one family that happens to run one of the restaurants in town which came in handy when it came time to eat. I have learned many new receipts most of which use lime juice, tomato juice, cucumber, chili pepper, onion, tomatoes, and shrimp or potatoes and cheese. Did you know that lime juice cooks your fish so your soup is served cold?
They have tried to teach me the names of many of the local fish, mostly I learned that the fish are bony or the one with the yellow strip can be fillet and there for boneless and both are fried.
Sept 19th was opening day of their 6 month shrimp season. It was a good day for the fishermen; they only get 100 pesos (less than $10) per kilo (about 2.5lb). They have only had two or three good days several days they didn’t even bother to go out. The water needs to be rough for them to have the best catch. What they make during this season is to carry them throughout the year. I do hope and pray for a long and profitable season. There shrimp are very large we would call them extra-large jumbo prawns as you can see from my photos. They eat some of the heads too, I tried but I’m not getting the hang of it.
 I was planning to take the ferry to La Paz, Baja but it turns out that the ferry would cost me $400 one-way for me and my car. Not worth it.

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