Monday, November 19, 2012

San Pancho (San Francisco), Mexico

San Pancho's History
In the early stages of San Pancho’s development, the story goes that the town evolved out of a hacienda and later communal ejidal territory into a humble fishing village still named after the patron saint San Francisco. For decades, the handful of families that made up the town fished for their subsistence, and raised livestock and local fruit crops.
During his term, President Echeverría adopted San Pancho as the site for his particular vision of a “third world” “self-sufficient” model town. As a result of his special interest, funds were poured into the humble village that at the time did not even have electricity. . Nonetheless, an infrastructure was constructed. Roads were laid and proper housing was built for the small population of fishermen and farmers. Not to mention schools, a fishing museum, industrial factory, and modern fully-equipped hospital were all constructed and inaugurated by the president as part of his dream of turning San Pancho into a “university of theThird World”.
While the factory that processed local fruits went on to provide jobs for the community well on into the 1980s, the rest of Echeverría’s vision for San Pancho was brought to an abrupt halt with the end of his presidential term and the miserable state of the Mexican economy at his term’s end. Consequently, the ventures the President had proposed failed, and San Pancho drifted back into a drowsy tranquility. The fishing museum that had once housed perhaps the largest palapa in Mexico and was graced with elegant fountains that shortly fell into disrepair. Once the fruit processing plants closed down, and the “university” building went vacant without any students or professors to fill it, the overgrown tropical vegetation reclaimed the new developments and San Pancho went back to its sleepy existence. The town’s inhabitants went back to fishing and growing fruit, and with San Pancho still hard to reach, little changed.
Yet with the cobblestone streets, schools, and fully-functioning hospital, San Pancho still remained clearly unique and desirable, in recent years has received the interest of an increased amount of tourists especially as a 2nd-home destination.
History of San Pancho was supplied by San Pancho Life, the most up-to-date and informative website for the residential community and visitors to San Francisco (San Pancho) Nayarit Mexico. Please explore the entire website to learn more, and check back for regular updates.
This is of course the political correct version of San Pancho’s history. Other stories include the presidents’ interest in this town was really due to his most favorite hooker, which lived here. You can always research it for yourself. You will probably find some other juicy stories. Be sure to let me know whatever you find out.
I found that this little town has everything you could want in a vacation spot or second home sight. With ATM’s, Wi-Fi, hospital, pharmacies, bus service, taxies, easy walking and driving streets, friendly people both locals and tourists, polo fields, a great long beach, fishing, surfing, horseback riding, snorkeling and turtles (Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C. to name a few. It is a favorite destination for weddings. There have been five that I know about in the last two weeks.
Humpback whales have started showing up off our coast. Not close enough for me to get a good photograph, yet. A crocodile and two babies live in the towns’ river. The adult likes to make an appearance in the early afternoon on the beach for a little bit of sunbathing.
It’s safe to walk alone at night throughout town so it is easy to enjoy all aspect of what this little town has to offer. Big city life is just a few kilometers away in Puerto Vallarta. If you need a Wal-Mart, Home Depot, McDonalds or Burger King fix that too is not far away.
San Pancho has an excellent selection of restaurants from the quick tacos, hot dogs, hamburgers to a sit-down place with cloth napkins; prices ranging from 12-300 peso per meal. There is something for every budget and taste. San Pancho has three restaurants/bars on the beach they’re all excellent places to eat, drink and watch the most beautiful sunsets ever. Live music can be found frequently throughout town preforming at various restaurants adding to an evening’s enjoyment. Café Arte, El Pollo Polo cel 322-182-3110, The Blue Pig, Café Paraiso (on Facebook).  

The same is true for places to stay, I’m renting a room for 1500 peso or $120 USD a month (it is very basic and close to the beach) all the way up to the very luxurious places with pools and Wi-Fi and housekeepers; again something for every budget. You can check out these local realtors for more specific information: Rancho Riviera Realty, Lloyd’s or

The best taller mecanico (auto mechanic) in the area is Abel Sanchez in San Ignacio, about 10km away. I had my clutch done there and they did a great job.
I will have been here for two months when I leave at the end of this one. It is a very comfortable place to live. It feels like home when you first step into town. Leaving will be hard, but I have to do it. I will be taking many new friends with me when I do. I still have many places to visit and experiences to have on this trip I have planned… 

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