Sunday, December 9, 2012

Road Trip from Puerto Vallarta to Ixtapa

I left San Pancho on the 1st of December drove through Puerto Vallarta; I found it not to car tourist friendly. The big hotels were right on the beach blocking the view from the road. The road was windy and full of potholes and speed bumps. The more expensive the homes and hotels the more in need of repair the road seem to be. I continued on MX 200 down to San Patricio Melaque where I found a RV Park to stay the night for 160 peso with Wi Fi and electricity.

On the 2nd I drove to Manzanillo and camped on the beach. This is a family friendly beach where you can wad out 100 yds or so before getting more than waist deep. While I was wading in the waves I spotted a ray surfing the waves it looked to be about 2 feet across. It was so cool; no I’m sorry to say I did not get a photo of it. The only way to see the rays is when the sun hits the wave just right so you can see through the waves. You just have to be in the right place at the right time, I got lucky.

On the 3rd I drove up the mountain to Colima and then on to see the two volcano there at Colima. It was hazy so I could not get a clear photo. I returned to the cost still heading south, as it was getting on to about 4pm I needed to find a place for the night. This road was windy and cliffy so access to the beach was hard to find. I unexpectedly found an RV Camping Park on the beach in Zapote De Tizupan for 50 peso no Wi Fi or electricity though.

On the 4th I arrived at Playa Azul (Blue Beach) there is a RV Park connected to the Hotel Playa Azul it is costing me 250 peso per night with Wi Fi, electricity, and a pool. This pool has bar stool in it so you don’t have to get out while setting at the bar having a drink. This too is a family friendly beach. My grandchildren would love them both.

On the 5th I have found a great place to stay in Ixtapa for the next few weeks in  a RV park on the beach and has a pool but it’s full of kids here for summer camp. Not far way is coral beach and it has a restaurant right to the waters edge. This beach was properly named due to its coral reefs and it has an abundant of fish the fact the restaurant feeds the fish probably has something to do with it. My grandchildren would have loved this beach. They probably would never have gotten out of the water, even Austin he still doesn’t like having his face in the water, yet! I’m sure that he would have forgotten that fact and would have gotten caught up in the moment.

I saw a ray about three feet across swimming just under me down about 15 feet or so, that’s why the photo is not clearer. He was black with white pokey dots. It was so cool. I love swimming with the fishes.

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