Saturday, March 23, 2013

Springtime in Seattle

I needed to leave Mexico because my tourist visa had expired. The only way to get a new visa was for me to leave Mexico and then apply through the consulate for a new one; only then I could return. So I decided to go home to the Seattle area for a month and visit with my sons and grand kids. 

I did get the opportunity to visit with friends, ex-coworkers, favorite places to eat and go to the Quilters Anonymous Quilt Show.  I enjoyed the gloomy cold weather that is typical for Seattle, the buses rides, and seeing the old sights. Going home for a short visit is enjoyable, but I do miss seeing the sights of Mexico and can't wait to go back to traveling and photographing everything I see.

I now have a temporary resident visa, that is good for one to four years. The first of April I'll be on a plane on my way back to finish my travels throughout Southern Mexico and point south. So much to see and do...

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