Sunday, May 26, 2013

Leaving San Juan, Mexico

Well the time has come for me to finely leave this small town of San Juan. It has been a pleasure staying here even though I did stay longer than I had ever planned. I do recommend this town to anyone that wants to see this part of Mexico. It is affordable and in a good location to see many other places because of the excellent bus service.

It seems that I have made friends with an exceptionally appealing policeman here. He always has a warm smile and wave for me every time I pass his way. I think that if I were to stay here much longer this could turn into more. He also carries a large gun and seems to have all his teeth; which tell me that he is into negotiating rather than fighting… Involvement with a “local” can be more problematic and uncertain than my visa issues have been, at least they were only paper and processing and not emotional.

This camping area has had many campers from all over Europe the last few months and on Friday one more arrived. I have been talking to another couple that is from France and traveling through here on their way north into Alaska then on to Qu├ębec. I am always trying to find out how much it will cost me to ship my car and trailer from Panama to South America. They said that I could put it in only one half of a container then they said not to fly but take a boat; it is beautiful and takes five days. Better than flying and having to wait three days or so for the car to arrive. This I will look into once I get to Panama. There is still hope that I can go to South America.

Another note, everyone should know I am an adventurous eater and cook, but there are two things around here that I have no interest in trying. They are potato chips with chile sauce on then (a big favorite), and a tamale sandwich some lady was selling in front of the bakery, just not my thing. I am looking forward to the different foods that I will have the pleasure of trying as I travel throughout the rest of Mexico and all points south. 

There are many lovely people here, and I will miss this town when I leave, but I do need to be back on the road again. I have so much more I want to see and do, both here in Mexico and all countries to the south.

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