Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Many People Think that I am Crazy

I am embracing the freedom of the road even with the speed bumps, potholes and road tolls and remarkable sights to see as I travel south this time. 

Many people think that I am crazy, but I want to think of it as embracing my freedoms. I am a woman in my 60’s, traveling alone, and currently driving throughout Mexico in my Toyota 4Runner. With plans to continue on through Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica all before the year is out. 

I like the flexibility to change my direction of travel after talking with other travelers and locals about distinctive points of interest in the area. I have a popular travel route planned that has changed or taken a detour from time to time for a wide variety of reasons. I love the option to speak or not with people. Sometimes I appreciate the days that I can just sit and enjoy my surroundings. Other times I reach out to meet people. Both have their benefits. If I feel like doing something or want to go somewhere I can just do it, I do not have to consider anyone else’s opinion on the matter. 

Some days it is a challenge to communicate with people from other countries, not being proficient at any other language but English and hand gestures, but we find a way to share ideas. I have met people from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, and even the USA just to name a few. I look forward to meeting many others as I travel. It is one of the special bonuses of my journey.   

On those occasions that a second opinion is needed, I ask for it from the people I meet? Like when my clutch needed to be replaced, I ask four or five different people in the town I was in, and went with their advice. All worked out well. 

I am looking forward to having the adventure continue with all the expected and unexpected experiences that will come up...

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