Thursday, September 12, 2013

Costa Rica

Costa Rica reportedly to be the most expensive of all the Central American Countries and having the worst roads. About the bad roads, they are not so awful just a few pot holes, but the ones they do have are car damaging ones with a few speed bumps. The cost of visiting Costa Rica is higher. Food both eating out and buying at the supermarket is at least three times what I have been paying so far in my travels. Public bus transport is good and cheap, but no central map of the bus system to aid the traveler in getting around (too bad, it is desperately needed). Tours and attractions can be pricey but if you find a way to go without the tour it is cheaper.

Santa Rosa National Park, Guanacaste is just inside the northern border of Costa Rica next to Nicaragua. This park was a delight to stay in. I camped there for the first week I was in Costa Rica. When coming be sure to bring enough food to last for your stay, there is only a small restaurant that charges $10US per meal (dinner only) and has the only WIFI. Electricity for
recharging batteries is at several places put not at the campground, but water, bathrooms and coldshowers are available. An abundant of flora and fauna like birds, three kinds of monkeys, iguanas, turtles, and so much more is around for your enjoyment. Easy well marked hiking paths are throughout the park. A real poor road will get you to the beach, but you had better have a 4WD with oversized tires and a snorkel during the rainy months. I did not make it to the beach with my 91 Toyota 4Runner water did come up passed my floorboards. Entrance fee to the park is $10US, and camping is $2US per day, standard at all Costa Rican National Parks.

San Jose, San Jose, Costa Rica is an intriguing city made up of many small villages that grew together too fast and with a lack of proper planning. It seems to be functioning but with an extremely disjointed feel to it. Sidewalks are too thin for even two people to walk side-by-side; many streets are too thin for a smooth flow of traffic. But all in all it is a lovely city and well worth visiting. It has a mix of old and new buildings, a lot of banks, Wal-Marts, McDonald's, market places, street vendors, hustlers on the street corners, buses, taxis, a visible police presence, no army, friendly people willing to help tourists and many other things working for it.

Manuel Antonio National Park, on the Pacific Cost of Costa Rica, sits in the province of Puntarenas, 157 km south of San Jose, 7 km south of the city of Quepos. It is situated in a humid, tropical forest life zone. It protects primary and secondary forests, mangroves,beach vegetation, and marine resources. Some of the floras to be found are silk cotton tree, cow tree, bully tree, guacimo colorado tree, a mangrove swamp, almond trees, mayflower, coconut, and manzanillo tree. The most common wildlife is raccoon, white nose coatis, agouties, sloths, iguanas, snakes, jacana, hawks, laughing falcons, and monkeys to name a few. Contact information is

Toucan Rescue Ranch mission is to rescue and rehabilitate rainforest wildlife through a model of conservation, education and research and well worth a visit. They are currently caring for several different kinds of owls, a monkey, two and three toed sloths, lovebirds, parrots small and up to the macaws, a hawk, four of the six different toucans, just to name a few. It does cost $24.00US for a two hour tour that needs to be scheduled. They are about 15 minutes outside of San Jose and have two guesthouses that can be rented. Contact info is,,, twitter/, phone (506) 22689-4041.

The Lankester Botanical Garden, Science and Orchids Conservation Center have more than 30,000 orchid species. Orchids are the largest and most diverse plant family in the world, beneficial to me because I love orchids. They also have a Japanese Garden with several different species of bamboo, also cacti and succulents, secondary forest, ferns (1,200 species), zingiberales, bromeliads (2,500 native species), and palms. All laid out in an exceptionally attractive garden for easy viewing, well labeled and enjoyable walking. Open every day at a cost of $7.50US, contact information is , phone (506) 2511-7939, email

Costa Rica Love Hostel in Santo Domingo ran by an exceptionally likeable couple. They have a charming house with private, semiprivate and dorm rooms. I found the couple immensely helpful in finding things to see and do. They run an excellent shuttle and tour service to many unique spots around the country. Contact information is, and they are on Facebook at Costa Rica Love Hostel and you can book them through 


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