Friday, December 13, 2013

Jose Maria Azael Franco Guerrero Cemetery in Tulcan Ecuador

This cemetery has become recognized by local and foreign travelers as a modern marvel. This "green sculpture" is unique; one of a kind, and it was created by Mr. Azael Franco in 1936. Carved cypress bushes make these wonders a palace where art and beauty blend harmoniously; and lead to it becoming a unique sight that is appreciated by many worldwide.

It takes 10 years for the cypress to grow enough to be shaped into figures and then require pruning every two months to maintain this fabulous look.

For many tourists that visit this place, is an opportunity to walk, talk, meditate and admire more of 300 figures made of cypress and sculptures of Roman, Greek, Inca, Azteca, Egyptian designs. 

This type of art gave the Graveyard Azael José María Franco, 28 May 1984 recognition: Cultural Heritage, and Natural showplace. 

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