Saturday, November 23, 2013

Get a New Prospective.

Something I have noticed as I have traveled this last year and a half. The differences between the United States and all the Latin American countries; in the way they treat their buildings and the way they treat their families are linked. 

In the United States, we destroy, discard, or tear down the older building to replace it with new ones. The same is true with family members, the elderly or outdated it discarded. The older woman replaced with a new one; the grandmother and grandfather sent off to live at the old folk’s home because we do not see the value in having them at home with us as a valued member of the new younger family.

In the Latin American countries, the older buildings treasured, repaired, rebuild, or restored, valued and kept for hundreds of years. The new buildings built next to the old including the past as an important part of the future. This is the way they value their parents and grandparents with multiple generations living in the same household, helping, supporting, caring, valuing and loving each other.
As seen in the many photographs that I have taken throughout my travels with the old proudly standing next to the new giving support to each other, showing the changes but maintaining the memory, holding on to the wisdom and strength of the past, reinforcing the future. 
There is so much to learn from traveling… 

I hope all of you find and/or take the opportunity to view the world from another point of view, to
get a new prospective.

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