Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lima, Peru

On its surface, Lima is nothing of beauty; so far that is typical for Peru. Lima like so many others is a sprawling desert city clinging precariously to dusty cliffs; it spends much of the year marinated in an endless fog that turns the sky the color of whitewashed walls. It is loud, disordered, and gritty; much of its structure is cumbersome and gray. Foreign travelers tend to just pass through on their way to more pastoral destinations in the Andes and Amazon. 

Miraflores is now the cultural heart of Lima, just one of Lima’s various districts, with much of the city's social and shopping scene set here. Central Park is one of the social centers of Miraflores, with many cafes, restaurants and shops. On the coast, there is a modern shopping center and several upmarket hotels. There are a number of tourist attractions in Miraflores, Inca Market that houses several small shops run by the Inca people.

Miraflores is without a doubt the most popular place for tourists, visitors, foreign expats and locals. The district has a lot to offer and therefore it is highly recommend for spending some time here and having fun in one of Lima's nicest "suburbs".


Street crime here is closely controlled by police and the municipality on the streets but still with some level present (as in any metropolitan in the world). A particular police station only for tourists and visitors has been opened to provide a better service.
Miraflores combines traditional and popular influences, one of the reasons for Miraflores peculiar charm and flair. Old houses coexist with modern multi-story buildings, hotels, casinos and banks. You find traditional cafes and restaurants adjacent to modern European style establishments or fast food chains, cultural institutions next to discos and bars.

It most definitely should be put on you’re to do list…

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