Tuesday, August 28, 2012

San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

Well I have been here now for 6 days and have enjoyed every one of them. If I don’t leave soon I may never want to leave. The weather is hot but not as much as Arizona and the ocean is right here to jump into. They say the temperature will get real nice in about four to six weeks and that is when all the snowbirds from Canada and the states will be down. This place will be packed. 

I have been staying at the Totonaka RV Park, for $12/150 peso I get a tent spot, swimming pool, showers, Laundromat, WIFI, clubhouse, fish cleaning room, easy access to the beach, and 24 hour security and more. The staff is outstanding too. Check out their website at www.totonakarv.com and email totonarv@yahoo.com

The people are very friendly and helpful. They are very polite with their help as I struggle through my Spanish. Most of everyone here speaks some English and that make it an easy place to fit right into.  

There is a marvelous beach bar called Soggy Peso. Four nights a week it has a live band, always great margarita’s and guacamole ( I had that for lunch, 90 peso), the other night I tried their crab tostadas with another margarita while watching the sunset and enjoying to band, what a life. They don’t have a website but do have an email address lisasoggypeso@gmail.com

My plan is to go further down the cost and tryout some other dive spots. This has been a great starting place, but I want more. I’ll let you know what I find when I find it. I have had fun getting to know my new underwater camera, one thing is that everything is always moving, me, the fish, the water, so trying to get things centered and in focus has been challenging. I have a lot of time and opportunity to get it right. The practice is always fun too.

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