Friday, December 14, 2012

Innovative People

One of the many things I have noticed as I travel throughout Mexico; is the way people here make do with what they have and/or turn it into a product that they can use or sell. We in the USA would just throw it away, buy a new one, making more landfill and add to our problems with pollution. 

One idea is to turn old car tires into decorations, like these I have pictured here. As I was driving down Mx200 just outside of Ixtapa toward Zihuatanejo, I saw these lining the yard of a family in the town of Barrio-Viejo. They can do custom orders or you can buy what they have. They get the tires for free and sell these cute ducks, chickens, or other items for 100 to 250 pesos each. Cute idea, don’t you think.

Another tire idea is to use them as planters as I have also pictured here. These would work especially well in any colder or slug infested area like the Pacific Northwest. The tires will keep the roots warmer for earlier plantings and longer growing seasons. With the added bonus being that slugs and snails will not craw over or on the tires keeping them off your plants without the need for slug bait or other pesticides. Tires are the reason that you never find slugs’ crawling on your car.

Wherever you have coconut trees you get the added benefit of the use of their frons. They are used as long lasting roofing material to build palapas (pictured here) you will find these throughout the world. These fronses are also used as brooms. These brooms last longer than the ones I have bought in the states. The best part is they are natural, biodegradable and nonpolluting.
Plastic bottles and chicken wire can be used as window art. What do you think of this one? 

What can you do with those wine bottles you have left over from the holidays, birthdays or any special occasion? Rather than putting them out in your next trash pickup, here are some ideas; use them to build a bookcase, cut them in half put a candle in it, turn them into a set of personalized glasses you can give someone for their next birthday or as a Christmas present (they don’t have to match). You can melt them down and use them as wall art as you see here.

How about that pop-top pull tap from your favorite drink? Here is an idea, run a ribbon through several and make a bracelet or belt; very cleaver, very unique and makes a great gift too. 

For those of you that are really interject or have a large area to add a piece of art to, try reusing some metal or wood or a combination, use your imagination you could be surprised what happens. What do you think of this one?

Do you have any ideas for turning that item that you just through away into something else or at least can it be recycled? I’m open to your feedback and ideas.

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