Friday, February 1, 2013

Road trip from Ixtapa to the Morelia

Uruapan means “place where flowers bloom” elevation of 5,491 feet

The new Mx 37 road from Joluta to Nueva Italia was a great ride but has NO gas stations and I had no luck finding any on the old MX 37 that runs alongside the new road. Be sure to plan ahead, carrying an extra full 5 gal gas can; can put you mind to rest and save your feet from the walk up hill.
When I was in Uruapan I stayed in someone’s house for the two days I was there. I was couchsurfing, this you can do anywhere in the world. So if you’re planning a trip you might want to look in to it. My host in Uruapan is planning a trip in March with her mom to France and they will be couchsurfing for the two weeks that they are there. It’s a good way to meet the locals that you would not otherwise do. You can check out your home town and see how many couchsurfers are your neighbors. I plan on hosting couchsurfers when I get back home.
Uruapan has orange groves, plantations growing coffee, bananas, and especially avocados surrounding the city. Hand-painted lacquer ware carved from cedar and other native woods is well known in this area.
A well-known National Park in town “Parque National Barranca del Cupatizio” established in 1938 is beautiful and shady and runs the bank of the Rio Cupatizio and contains lush subtropical plants, fountains and waterfalls propelled by gravity alone, no pumps are used. It cost 25 pesos to enter and has many food and survivor booths located throughout the park. No pets are allowed. Many stone pathways and stairs are throughout the park for your convenience. 

Patzcuaro means “Pueblo Magico” elevation of 7,131feet 

I’m in Patzcuaro and camping in Villa Patzcuaro Hotel and RV Park, and it is a good location in town. In this park I have met other travelers from Australia, Germany, Holland, USA and Canada; it is a nice mix of people some are returning visitors and some are first timers like me.
This is a nice little town with great bus service and an open market every day. The food there is very good and I saw some strange new fruits that I had to try. The nights are cold here but the days warn up nicely much like that in Seattle without the rain. So I have had to breakout my cold weather clothes and PJs.

Santa Clara del Cobre locally well-known name is “Copper town” do to it being a major producer of copper products. It is a small village about 25 km outside of Patzcuaro. It has many fine shops with a large variety of copper products and an excellent copper museum. The drive out there was nice through the trees and the roads are good but be sure to watch the signs so you don’t make the wrong turn.

Ihuatzio Pyramid built by the Aztecs but was never completed. The remains were discovered in 1910. It cost 35 pesos to get in and look around. I was not that impressed I only stayed a few minutes and took just a few photos, but the drive out there was nice and the roads are good.


Tzintzuntzan means “the place of the hummingbirds” elev. of 6,724 ft.

Once it was the capital of a powerful Tarascan kingdom. It is now a small village on the Lake Patzcuaro; the largest lake in Mexico. The locals are very talented with their pottery, wood and stone carving, weaving of floor and table mates as well as figurine out of reeds. 

Restored yacatas ruins of Tarascan pyramid has a cobblestone road that leads to the edge of the site. This one cost 46 pesos and is much better than the one at Ihuatzio.

Morelia the capital of the state of Michoacan with an elev. of 6,399 ft

It was founded in 1541 at that time its name was Valladolid. In 1828 the name was changed to honor its native son Jose Maria Morelos who became a general and hero of the Mexican War of Independence. Morelia has a strong Spanish Aristocrat of Colonial Cities; and in 1991 USESCO designated it a World Heritage Site. 

I do not recommend driving around in the city; the local bus system is very good and inexpensive; 35 pesos to get into town from Patzcuaro and 6 pesos to get around within town. I suggest getting an early start and plan on staying all day, you can walk throughout the important sites, get great photos and have lunch. But try not to take the bus back to Patzcuaro at commute time (5:30pm) unless you are willing to stand for the 45 minutes it takes to get back. I do recommend getting at least on the right bus home before dark 7pm, new towns in the dark can be confusing (be sure to carry a flash light).

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