Friday, April 19, 2013

Embarcadero Southern Mexico City

In the southern end of Mexico City is one of many ecological parks. Xochimilco's Ecological Park named one of the World's Cultural Heritage Sites due to its value and unbeatable cultural and natural features.

In this park the necessary conditions got together and were preserved so you to enjoy an ecological and cultural tour which demonstrates the endemic plants and wildlife conservation projects that are most important in this metropolitan wetlands.

It’s a substantial reserve of birds and green areas in the botanical gardens of Xochitla. During your visit, it is a must that you ride aboard one of its trajineras colored, wood crafted boats that cruse the channels. During your cruse vendors, mariachis, souvenirs, food and drinks are sold via boat and along the shore throughout the waterway. 

I saw a man extending his property edge the same way people did when constructing the beginning of the Mexico City area. No wonder it has been sinking little by little over the centuries.

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