Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On the Road Again... Finally

I left San Juan, Mexico on the 31st of May and drove through Puebla, Puebla. I had planned to stop at the Cholula Pyramid that was on the way, but road construction and terrible traffic had me defer that idea for another date. Normally in my travels I have the luxury of mine own pace and timeline but not this time. I have 800 miles to cover in less than five days and cannot be delayed or my visa issues will continue. I did drive 300 miles the first day, arriving in Santa Maria del Tule, Oaxaca, two states later at about 4pm. This is about the time I want to arrive. It gives me time to setup and get orientated before dark.
Santa Maria del Tule, Oaxaca is a small village just to the southeast of Oaxaca City in the state of Oaxaca. This is the home of the largest tree, by mass in the world. As I walked twining down the streets from where I am camping, toward the town center and through the park to the churchyard where the tree resides, I keep looking around trying to identify what my mind’s eye had thought this tree would look like. At first sight, I said, “Holly Shit!” It is not a towering tree; but hidden from view due to its droopy leaf full branches was its true magnificence. It is not until you are up close and under the canopy of the tree that you see the awe of this tree.

Santa Maria del Tule has many points of exceptional value that should be investigated, and the area is where most of the Mexican crafts and specialties are crafted. That makes it the perfect place to buy. I want to be sure before I return home to the states, to stop by and get some accessories for my home.  


In this town the Overlanders Oasis, a RV and Camping Spot they are well worth a visit. It is small, so they do prefer a heads up before you come. Calvin and Leanne have been there since 2008. They are working on their home a former restaurant. It is as unique as they are. Calvin is extremely skilled in fixing things, he fixed my trailer to. A Great job done!

This town and camping area are charming and worth a long visit. I will be back to visit both.

My next overnight stay on 1st of June was in Arriaga just inside the state of Chiapas near the cost. I stayed at the El Parador Auto Hotel They charged me 150 pesos to sleep in the parking lot, bathrooms and shower did not have any doors, they locked the main door to the restrooms at night. 
The town is in dreadful shape I did not find any street, not in need of serious repair. The principal town looks promising with an attractive town square, open market and I found the people to be great. I do not understand the politics about letting stuff go so far; as far as that goes I hardly understand the politics back home.
I have no plans to return or stay at either one of these two places again. 


Tapachula, Chiapas and the Hotel Cervantion ($13.78 for the night) on 2nd of June it is two miles from the border of Guatemala and near the cost. I found this town full of one-way streets, charm and good food. The Hotel I found hard to find so I hailed a taxi and followed him. The best 20 pesos I ever spent. The Hotel is much like most of the homes and businesses here the outside is deceiving with its understatement, once inside it is impressive with its grand lobby and central courtyard. My room was clean and comfortable with all the basics. I enjoyed my stay and the staff was very friendly and helpful. I recommend both the town and hotel for a visit.
On the 3rd of June I left Mexico for Guatemala to make a U-turn back into Mexico to finish up the paperwork on my car then I could continue my journey. That sounds simple enough, right! My home made trailer needs to have its VIN number somewhere that it can be read and photographed. Well after 40 to 50 years and layers of paint, no number could be found. So I could not re-enter Mexico or get my $250 deposit back with that trailer. So a new chapter in my travels just started.

Guatemala is now my new home for a few weeks then off to another country. More about that later…   


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