Tuesday, July 29, 2014

St Herman’s Blue Hole National Park, Belize

The Belize Audubon Society is in charge of this national park in an effort to create a balance between people and the environment. The Bz$8 ticket price contributes to the conservation in Belize (www.base@btl.net)

At first I went to the cave, there are two ways to get there; the highlands and the lowlands, and I took the low road. It was an easy enjoyable walk that took about 20 minutes. I also went for the unguided tour; if you want the guided one it can take four hours and requires getting wet, down and dirty. There is a crystal cave too, but that is several more hours and more dirt. It sounds like fun for another trip.

Next there is the “Blue Hole”; this has two trails one that take you around through the jungle for one mile giving you a chance to see many birds and other wildlife, or you can walk about five minutes down some stairs to a beautiful lagoon. The lagoon has two parts; one goes into a cave with bats, stalactites and dripping water from the ceiling, the other has delightful turquoise blue water inviting you in for a cool swim. I went early Sunday morning and I had the place to myself this I highly recommend.

You can spend a little more than an hour to all day. I spent three hours; it was a delightful way to spend a morning.

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