Saturday, January 12, 2013

El Refugio de Potosi

It was nice to get out into the country again with the small villages, fruit stands, little food stalls, country roads, pot holes, unsigned speed bumps and the Mexican families with their kids running about. I miss that influence here in Ixtapa. 

I visited the El Refugio de Potosi and Parque Ecologico Educativo (educational ecological park) that is just about 5 miles south of Zihuatanejo by Playa Blanco (white beach). This place is a refuge for sick, injured, and unwanted native animals. With exhibits of retiles, insects, butterflies, iguanas, local mammals, hummingbirds and a panoramic tower; many of the animals are there just temporarily and the released back into the wild. Some will always live there because they have spent too much time with humans and will never be able to readapt to the wild. They have guided tours for 60 pesos each person and well worth the money. My guide was a delightful young man that was very knowledgeable and spoke English. 

They have a website you can visit for more information and if you want to give donations This pace is run by a lady that moved down here from Oregon several years back. 

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