Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stolen Laptop

I want to start this story off by saying that I still like and recommend Mexico for traveling to and throughout. Even though sometimes bad things happen; on the 18th of December 2012 just before 1 am I was sleeping in my tent at the RV and Camping Park at Playa Linda when someone brook into my tent by cutting it, then tarring the wall next to the door. I woke up just as he was only 18 inches away from my head and grabbing something and left. I screamed, stepped outside my tent, and saw him running away toward the beach. He was wearing an orange T-shirt; it was dark so I could not see much as he disappeared into the darkness. I used my flashlight to looking my tent to see what he had taken. I found that my laptop and the bag I had made for it were gone, but not the power cord. 

I went to look for the security guard, I found him sleeping on the sidewalk outside the office door. I yelled at him and had him follow me back to my tent to show him what happened. At the same time my RV neighbor from Quebec heard me scream and came out to see what happened. He also helped me with translating. I requested the security guard to call the police. 

At about 1:10 am two more security men arrived and looked around. A short time later the police showed up and also took a report and looked around. Nothing more could be done the thief and my computer was long gone. 

At 7 am as the sun was rising I got out of my tent and looked around for myself. A section of the fence that encloses the RV Park was down. I also found my PC bag on the sand about 5 meters west from my tent. I retrieved it and placed it back in my tent. I then made temporary repairs to my tent with duct tape. 

At 9 am when the lady in the office gets to work, I talked her; she speaks English and told her what happened. 

Later that day the park personel and I talked to the guard and his boss. We went over again what happened and it was agreed that the security company was at fault and they would pay to replace my PC, 7000-9000 pesos.

On the 21st of Dec. I found out that the night guard did lose his job, but it was not just because of this theft.

As of today the 8th of January, I still have not gotten any money. I did buy a new PC but it took most of this next month’s money to do so. I still need the money that is owed me for this month’s food, gas, lodging and car insurance. Maybe I will be able to stay here free as part compensation for the time it has been to recover; only time will tell…  

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