Sunday, January 20, 2013

Golfing the Extreme Sport here in Ixtapa

Now I know that you don’t usually think of golf as being an extreme sport, but you have perhaps never golf at the Ixtapa Fontatur Campo de Golf Course. They have some surprises over and above the normal sand traps, water hazards, rough and the typical out of bound areas. This tour was arranged for me by my friend, Guillermo Ordaz, who is in charge of the golf course, RV and Camp Grounds and the Marina here in Ixtapa.

My personal tour was given by the #4 caddy; Audel Gonzalez, he knows where all the traps, more than 300 species of birds that visit, iguanas and the alligators, that’s right alligators are throughout this golf course. He has been working here for the last 13 years. He made an excellent guide through the 18 whole beautiful golf course. 

One event was as I stepped out of the golf cart to get what would have been a great shot of one really big crocodile; I didn’t see the little one, only about 3 feet long, that was just lying in the grass a long side the cart, I almost stepped on him. He suddenly scurried off back into the water, I screamed and that sent the big one, that I wanted so much to get a picture of, into the water as well. A very heart pounding experience to say the least. So I missed them both, but I did not get eaten, so I think I came out ahead in the long run. Too bad about that missed shot, I hope for better luck next time. 

Please enjoy the photographs I took during my tour, it was just so you can enjoy this tour with me

Please feel free to give a comment; I look forward to reading them.

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