Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park (July 6th through 13th) we are having a great time with so many things to see and do. It sure has changed over the past 50 years, oh no not the canyon that is still the same, after all it took more than a billion years to make; what is a mere 50. I’m talking about all the gift stores, cafeterias, restaurants, lodges, hotels and even shuttle bus service from 4am to one hour after sunset. That is good, I haven’t had to drive anywhere since we got here; this gives me a chance to save almost a tankful of gas (an extra bonus is that the buses are air conditioned too).
It has been hot 88 degrees or so (to someone that has lived more than 30 years in the Seattle area that’s hot) and dry. They had a very dry winter this last year (I know where all their rain went, to Seattle (LOL)).
The rangers here provide a great deal of information on all aspects of the canyon from its geology, origins, the landscape, the river below and the life along the rim. The hiking trails are from the easiest to extreme, from .3 miles to 9 miles and 12 hours long (that one is not for me). There is even back-country camping (another one not for me, I’m traveling lite but not that lite). Something for all, please come and enjoy at least once.
Did you know that the Grand Canyon is home to 47 different kinds of Bats like the Ballid Bat, Townsend’s Big-eared Bat and the Mexican Free-tailed Bat? They are so cute and beneficial to all of us because the eat hundreds of thousands of insects every day. They are better than pesticides! 
California Condors numbers were down to just 22 birds. But do to a captive breeding program started in 1986 their numbers are now over 400. These birds are the largest in North America with a wing span of 9.5 feet. In 1996 they were reintroduced into the Grand Canyon and have thrived here in the rugged canyon wilderness the park offers. More information can be gotten through the Grand Canyon website at or You can even adopt one of these lovely birds.  
Some of the local native art that is for sale here at the park are supplied by the Navajo they make Looms & Dolls, Medicine & Dye Charts, and Folk Art one of their websites is Cedar Mesa Pottery is done by the Navajo and Ute Nations living in the high plateau country of the Southwest. Navajo Etched Pottery are very beautiful and hand-etched as well as hand painted, the Horsehair Pottery and the Kokopelli “Casanova of the Cliffs” all deserve a look and can be done at, enjoy.
Side Note: the Grand Canyon has its own brewing company. I tried the Sunset Amber Ale; it was quite good and cold.
Some other websites you might like or; Camping, Trailer Village, Lodging, and the Grand Canyon Dinner Theatre & Steakhouse

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