Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tucson AZ

We I have been here for 6 days now. My car is fixed and I’m more than ready to hit the road again. I have spent the last three nights at the Americans Best Value Inn at 810 Benson Hwy ( 520-884-5800). I would like to recommend them the rooms are basic, clean, the staff are friendly and the price is 39.99 per night. Well worth the money.
My car was fixed by Buck’s Automotive Service at 4360 N 1st Ave, they are AAA approved they might be good mechanics (I hope), but I do not like their business practices. I was up front with my finances and needing to pay part on debit and balance by out of state check. They said they will be happy to work with me but when the car was done they only wanted payment and no out of state checks. AAA guarantees my checks and since they are AAA approved part of their rules are the take AAA member’s checks (my bank guarantees them too). I had to spend extra time and money in the hotel while I waited for my extra funds to come in. I know times are tough but this was an emergency auto repair. I have reported them to the AAA member services, only time will tell the results.

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