Monday, July 23, 2012

Phoenix and Tucson Arizona

Phoenix Arizona
I have been in Phoenix now for 5 days since I put my grand kids on the plane back to Seattle. The nights have been in the 80’s and today has a high of 107 F. Mostly a dry heat but we have had a thunder storm or two earlier this week and that made it a sticky 100 plus degrees F, drier is better. The library has free unlimited use of their WIFI if you have your own PC; they limit you to 1 hour if you need to use one of theirs.

This is a nice, clean and quit city. The police here do not harass the homeless (if you keep yourself clean, don't trash your area and mind your own business) otherwise they will help. No one has bother me for sleeping in my car. I almost never here any police sirens and there are no overreaction to things like back in the Seattle area.
If you ever plan to travel to Phoenix keep in mind that Spanish is the main language and English is the second. Here everyone knows Spanish.
Word to the wise McD's spicy chicken sandwich for $1 is OK but Carl's Jr. has one that is twice the size also for $1 and it is easier on the stomach too.
Tucson AZ
Well I have been in Tucson since early Saturday morning. I no sooner get off the freeway and my car stalled and would not restart. As a good AAA member I called them and they responded with in an hour. But Tucson does not have any AAA approved repair places that are open on the weekends. A nice strange man stopped by and towed me into a vacant lot where I stayed in my car until Monday morning when I called AAA again. Now my car is getting fixed. It seems that I broke the distributor and damaged the camshaft. Now it will cost me $1500, but should be done tomorrow I hope. Money will be really tight for a while because of this. If you can help I would really appreciate it. I have an account at Wells Fargo Bank or through Pay Pal.

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