Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nogales, Arizona

I’m spending a few days here in Nogales, I leave tomorrow (Wednesday) for Mexico. I have been spending a lot of time at McDonalds it has the best Wi-Fi in town. They play Mexican music here at McD’s like you would find at one of our (Seattle) local favorite Mexican restaurants and the TV is in Spanish too. This is a quiet, clean, pleasant little town with a predominately Mexican flavor to its construction. Everyone speaks Spanish, 75 percent of the time. I see a lot of car license plates from Mexico here, about 50 percent. I kind of feel out of place with what turns out to be very little knowledge of Spanish. I was doing good up in Seattle, but the difference is in percentage of people. This will change as I venture on into Mexico.
I’m trying to fly under the radar, be inconspicuous. Leaving my car parked for extended lengths of time in the parking, using the bathroom, spending all day without buying anything and so forth. I have one more night here then I’m off again.
Last night was another one in the car (saving money); cool again using a blanket and in McD’s parking lot, they are open 24 hours and have truckers sleep here too. I hope to do it again tonight.
The time here has giving me a chance to work on my website. I have added keywords to most of my photographs so you will be able to see all my sunset or cactus photos by just doing a search. I have also added a coupon option and improved the text. I will upload some more photos tonight too. Please give it a try.

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