Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Crossing Borders

Crossing different countries borders is not as easy as crossing into Canada for Americans in the United States. The last minute journey into Guatemala was that because of my trailer VIN issue. I had not planned to cross into Guatemala for two or three more months; I still wanted to go through the Yucat√°n and Belize. This made me unprepared, caught off guard and a sucker for whatever I was told. This cost me a LOT more money than it should have. So I have been running lean for the last few weeks, and I stayed here longer at the campground than I would have otherwise. 

Now that I am getting ready to move on to El Salvador and Honduras, I have double checked online as to what I need, and the cost for each country, and not to bring up the exchange rate. That was another issue with people wanting to swap my Pesos into Quetzales. I know I got screwed there too. I will not be surprised again.

Living, learning, and still experiencing the good life.

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