Friday, June 21, 2013

Perfectly Scary Night

The floor of my tent started to move as I sat on the edge of my cot looking over the photos I had taken the day before; I said to myself what in the world is under my tent? Could it be a snake? Nothing had ever happened like this before. 

Today the park was full of Guatemalan people, playing soccer, swimming, barbequing, and having a fabulous time. But it is the rainy season, and that can be unpredictable. For the most part, it rains at 4 or 5 pm. But today felt different. I had been to the store in the morning before people started to showed, just to get a few things. I found some Bacardi Gold Rum for only 32Q ($4 US), so I bought some just to have on hand.

Once back to the park, I had to wait for the soccer game to score a point; since it was played right in front of my camping spot, in order to have the player move so I could drive on across their field. I unloaded the grocery’s, looked at the sky and thought that it might be a smart idea just to stay inside my tent for the rest of the day, because when it rains here it is a torrential down pour. 

Many times I get stares from people in the park that are here for family activities. I am sure that a woman traveling by herself is not common in this culture. There were five soccer men sitting at the table closest to my tent they stared at me as I moved about my tent, but I had the last laugh when the rains came. I was dry, and they had to run for cover.

With thunderous thunder, crackling lighting, whirling winds all to announce the coming rains. It is beneficial to me that I have a Luggable Loo in my tent; otherwise I think I would have had to swim across the field to go to the bathroom.

As it turns out it was a perfect night to watch some scary movies, drink rum and coke, listened to the thunder, watch the flashes of lighting, hearing the rains beat down and the winds shaking all sides of my tent. I do not want to forget about the floor moving under my feet when the water from the rain ran under it. It was an absolutely perfect scary night.

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