Friday, February 14, 2014

A Pisco Winery Tour of Ica, Peru

The pisco sour cocktail, made with a grape brandy called pisco, egg whites, lime juice, ice, simple syrup, and bitters, served by people around the globe. In the Ica region of Peru, about 180 miles south of Lima along the Pan American Highway, pisco produced for nearly four centuries. Here, in valleys surrounded by sand dunes, dozens of bodegas (wineries) welcome visitors to taste pisco—Peru’s national spirit—at its source. The weather here does not change; it has not rained for more than ½ inch a year for over 150 years. 

This is an 18th-century vineyard where free sips of acholados (blends) and puros (single varietals) of pisco. “Try the Albilla,” The grapes are from vines that are more than one hundred years old.” It is sweet, with touches of banana, lime, and tangerine. The other wines are from 20 types are Peruvian grapes, and the rest of the grapes are from France.

All in all, I enjoyed the diversion with today’s visit to this winery and the town of Ica before heading off tomorrow to Nazca for several days 

Pisco has 44% alcohol; referred to as the under-the-table drink. So enjoy but only a little at a time.

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