Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rio Amazonas (Amazon River)

Woolley Monkeys
On this one day tour, which was organized, by the Golondrinas Tourist Hostel in Iquitos, with two people it cost 90 soles – a boat rented for the day. The first stop was at the Paraiso Del Amazonas where we were greeted by a family of Woolley monkeys and the young family that lives there. We got to see macaws,  sloths, prehistoric turtle, toucans, and several anacondas.
3 Toed Sloth

Baby 3 Toed Sloth

The buildings built several meters above ground because of the regular high water mark during the rainy season. The last significant rain was in 2012.  


Prehistoric Turtle

Panoramic view of the Amazon
The Climb Up and Down
The 2nd stop where the El Mirador a tower that overlooks where the three rivers come together to form the Amazon River; that flows from the Andes Mountains into the Atlantic Ocean. 


Largest Tree
Girl and baby 2 toed Sloth 
After climbing the tower and enjoying the view, we walked the see the largest tree of its kind, and it is only 300 years old. We did see the smallest monkeys as they scurried through the trees – no I was not able to get photographs this time. The walk back gave us an opportunity to see a two toed sloth, held by a young girl. Drinks, food, and souvenirs were available for sale. 

Largest Fish in the Amazon
The next and last stop was to the Puerto Fundo Pedrito; where we were to see large lily pads, ParanĂ¡’s, largest fish in the Amazon River, alligators, and a macaw.  


The largest fish have exceptionally big mouths and will put their young in their mouth for protection from predators. Parana’s will eat each other if they feel other food in not available. I am sure glad that I did not want to go swimming in this water. These alligators have two eyelids, one that is to protect their eyes from the Amazon River water. These large lily pads are more than a meter across and are mightily impressive.

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